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Flexible. Goal-oriented. Collaborative.

x-markets: About our services

x-markets consulting – boutique consultancy for the capital markets

‘Good things come in small packages’: from the very beginning this motto has guided our approach to offering superior consulting services for the capital markets. And for this reason, we aren’t just the next best global player with convoluted hierarchical diagrams and charts. What we offer is flexible and cooperative boutique consulting aimed at tailoring solutions to your needs.

x-markets: Boutique consulting in Frankfurt Rhein-Main

Focused on the banking and exchange industry

This is why you will find at x-markets an agile, international team made up of strong personalities, who have been offering professional consulting services of the highest quality to our renowned clients in the banking and exchange world since the company’s establishment in 2000. We focus on strategic projects. Together with our clients, we work on restructuring the finance sector, developing new markets as well as managing all of the challenges to business operations that result, for instance, from new regulations.

x-markets in numbers

x-markets consulting in numbers

  • 2000: Company launch with a focus on retail brokerage and trading venues operations
  • 2001: Expansion of our consulting spectrum to cover trading and clearing systems, test management and process analysis for banks and exchanges
  • 2004: Establishment of our joint venture xITee – our software development company for the European financial and insurance industry based in Prague
  • 20+ dynamic and international consultants
  • 3 experienced managing directors