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Partnership-based. Trustworthy. Goal-oriented.

x-markets: Your career with us

Partnership-based and trustworthy client relationships

x-markets consulting stands for long-term, trustworthy and collaborative client relationships. Our clients are among the most prominent ‘blue chip’ companies in the European banking and exchange industry. With our services, we are able to assist our clients in a wide range of activities – in some cases for over 15 years. This is perhaps one of the reasons why our clients gladly recommend us.

Here is a selection of our clients & projects:

x-markets: Capital markets


x-markets consulting has been supporting a leading European exchange and its group companies as a ‘strategic supplier’ for their strategic projects since 2001. In this capacity, the major projects included, among others, a link between two clearing houses, the development of an exchange in the US, the establishment of a clearing house in Singapore, a joint venture with Chinese exchanges, the development of a clearing house for OTC swaps, the introduction of a client asset protection solution, the testing of the central exchange systems including, for example, the risk management system, the introduction of TARGET2-Securities as well as the implementation of the MiFID II and MiFIR regulations.

x-markets: Bank

Bank for private clients

x-markets consulting has been supporting one of the worldwide leading banks with its strategic consolidation of the European business divisions, system platforms and processes since 2004. The implementation of the consolidation was based on a multi-year initiative, which initially began with the introduction of a unified consulting and service system. A further key component included the transfer of the core banking system to the globally utilised platform. At the organisational level, European business divisions were consolidated in one European bank. These measures will continue in the coming years.

x-markets: Trading

Transaction bank

x-markets has been supporting an established transaction bank since it entered the German market in 2004. In addition to the migration of various banks to the existing transaction banking platform, numerous regulatory projects – among them in the areas of tax and AGM – were supported and carried out. Moreover, even after numerous and diverse restructuring measures, x-markets consulting continues its activities both in the pending strategic integration projects and in market-driven programmes (e.g. the de-migration of individual clients from the transaction banking platform).